When passion
for the earth
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resources to make
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Agriculture, the environment and social responsibility

Our passions!

FK BIO Aromatiche - Agricoltura sociale
FK BIO Aromatiche - Agricoltura sociale

Cultivating organically, socially and plastic free

To help the world become a better place we are passionate about creating nature friendly products.

Promoters of social agriculture

We have contributed to the start of social agriculture being seen as an educational and therapeutic activity.

We have agreements and conventions with Social Bodies and Cooperatives and have strong partnerships with other farms.

FK BIO Aromatiche - Agricoltura sociale
FK BIO Aromatiche - Agricoltura sociale

Agricultural technology

All the cultivation phases are guided and supervised by our agricultural technical consultant Gian Guido Restieri.

FK BIO Aromatiche - Agricoltura sociale
FK BIO Aromatiche - Agricoltura sociale


Specialized in the cultivation of aromatic plants for transplantation

Our production focuses on four lines:
Seed trays, Aromatic plants, the wood fibre pots and the 9cm diameter pots 100% Bio and Biodegradable.

This production choice allows us to drastically reduce the use of plastic materials.

Seed trays

32 boxes of mono-varietal aromatic plants ready for transplanting in pots or in the field.

Seedlings in rectangular boxes which are 5.5cm in diameter and 6cm in height.

The boxes and seed trays are made of wood fibres and recycled and recyclable polystyrene

Aromatic varieties

Boxes with 24 aromatic seedlings of 6 mixed varieties ready for transplanting into the field.

Seedlings 7cm x 6.5cm and 6cm in height.

The boxes are made of recycled and recyclable polystyrenee.

Vases made out of wood fibres

100% natural pots to be planted directly in the field.

Pot diameter 11.5cm, height 11cm.

For cultivation and handling we use boxes of 8 pots in recycled and recyclable polystyrene.

Aromi BIO

Vase is made entirely of natural fibres.

Recycled and recyclable cardboard basket, paper handle..

Pot diameter 9cm.

Plastic Free

We have created a line of aromatic plants in wood fibre pots,

which are naturally biodegradable and can be transplanted in the field along with the plant.

Il vase

The Vases are made out of wood fibres.

During growth, the roots pierce the vase and take root in the surrounding earth.

After being transplanted, the pot has become one with the soil and the plant.

Our objective is to be 100% plastic freee

Our goal is the total reduction of plastic.

At the moment, for the cultivation and handling of the plants we use recycled and recyclable polystyrene boxes which are then reused.

For sale, the plants are placed in wooden boxes..

We are partners of the SUSLO project

The quality of horticultural products has improved in recent years thanks to increasingly sustainable means of production but the sustainability of the packaging is still an unsolved problem.  New eco-sustainable pots have been introduced and the good practice of reusing plastic pots can help increase the sustainability of the packaging.  The primary objective is to promote eco-sustainable behaviour by consumers of horticultural products through communication based on the 'Nudge Theory' whose effectiveness is still being investigated.

The SUSLO project is partially funded by the CARIPLO Foundation's "Plastic challenge: challenge to eradicate disposable plastics" #conFondazioneCariplo.

Inclusive Social agriculture.

We are the promoters of a social agriculture program with an educational-therapeutic and social inclusion function.

A Social Network

We have entered into contracts and agreements with social organisations and non-profit organisations in the area.

A path of laboratory learning, socialisation and rehabilitation of guests of these organisations and of people unable to enter the normal labour market.

Municipality of Laigueglia as lead municipality of the agreement for the associated management of social services of the Social Territorial Area No. 18 of the Social Health District No. 4: Municipalities of Laigueglia, Arnasco, Casanova Lerrone, Castelbianco, Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbera, Cisano sul Neva, Erli, Nasino, Onzo, Ortovero, Vendone, Villanova d'Albenga, Zuccarello.

Collaborating Farms

Some farms have become our partners and take part in our project and offer their collaboration by welcoming disabled people or people at risk of marginalisation by carrying out activities that are always coordinated and supported by FK BIO Aromatic.

Simone e Samuele





Walter and Davide

and Anna


100% biodegradable plant holder trays.

Business partner in Europe

We commercialise our organic aromatic plants on the Italian and European markets.